Updates on the latest projects and ideas the artist is exploring.

Nature versus Buildings 

Rachel Perry has been visiting and photographing the site of a derelict family farmhouse hidden behind a copse of trees in a village near York.  As you walk through the trees on the winding pathway the image of a historic mansion is conjured but instead a sprawling ruined 1960s house is revealed round the corner.


It is rumoured that the building fell into disuse approximately 30 years ago following a protracted probate dispute between surviving close relatives.  The building at some point was destroyed by fire and the ruins are slowly being reclaimed and invaded by surrounding vegetation.  The land is now sold but building has been delayed, allegedly due to the site being inhabited by rare English blue bells.

Land Law and Landscape

At the same time Rachel Perry is beginning to contemplate how legal rules which seem quite an abstract algebraic formulae, impact on landownership and the discourse surrounding the framing of the land  as landscape.  It is planned to explore these concepts through photography.  The process of solar printing is also being experimented with to attempt to find a medium which enables photographic images to be impressed onto oil paintings.


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