These are handmade silk screen limited edition prints.  The images are combined, composed and then converted into CMYK halftone images in Photoshop.  Four screens are needed to make each image.  The prints made by hand tend to each vary subtly, which refute the idea that screen printing is a purely mechanical process.

wsensibility of time
Sensibility of time


World within a world


wrecollection of beyond
Recollection of beyond


Calming my thoughts


wi wondered (what to do next)
I wondered what to do next?


wthen my imagination took flight
Suddenly my imagination took flight


wclaire's mother's garden
Claire’s mother’s garden
wsowerby road acomb
Sowerby Close, Acomb
wseverus water tower
Severus Water Tower, Acomb
Strolling along the banks of the River Foss