Rachel Perry is an artist who lives in York, North Yorkshire and she specialises in printing, photography and oil painting.   The prints are usually made from an image composed from combining different photographs in Photoshop.  Rachel is currently working on a body of work inspired by Vanitas paintings and the quality of colour  in stained glass windows and abstract elements of story telling.

Vanitas paintings usually include different symbols to remind a viewer of the transience of life and that worldly goods and pleasures can be fleeting.  The Dutch still life masters of the 17th Century were most well-known for this type of work, which responded to an economic disaster happening at the time in which they lived.

Rachel’s work is also about moments of solitude, memories of walks and finding beauty in ordinary, overlooked places and objects.

After a career break, Rachel undertook a Fine Art degree at York St John University and graduated in 2017 and was awarded First Class Honours.  Rachel is a member of York Printmakers and West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Mirfield.